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"Helping people plan for their future is a huge responsibility. I will do everything I can to help you make sound financial decisions." - Margo Black Scepaniak

Financial Services

At Black Financial Services, we provide a wide range of financial services and products designed to meet the needs of businesses and individuals. We offer products and services in the following areas.

Financial and Retirement Planning *

Our goal is be there for you in all stages of your life. Whatever your plans are, our financial services can help make sure you’re on a prudent path to work towards your dreams.

401(k) Plans and 403(b) Plans *

Whether you work for a for-profit company with a 401(k) or a tax-exempt organization like a school, hospital or religious group with a 403(b), we have the experience to help manage your retirement plan.

IRAs and Roth IRAs *

IRAs and Roth IRAs are used by some as part of a retirement strategy. Speak with a financial professional for details.

401(k) Rollovers *

When you leave a job, your 401(k) may be able to come with you. Speak with a financial professional for details.

529 College Savings Plans *

529 plans are designed to encourage saving for future college costs. Investment in a plan like this can be used later to cover tuition, room and board, fees, as well as books and computers if required for classes.

Investors should consider carefully the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the municipal fund before investing. This, as well as other important information, is contained in the official statement. Please read it carefully before investing or sending money.

An investor’s home state may offer favorable tax treatment only for investing in a plan offered by such state. Withdrawals for non-qualified expenses may be subject to additional penalties and taxes. Consult your tax advisor regarding state and federal tax consequences of the investment.

Participation in a 529 Plan does not guarantee that the contributions and investment return will be sufficient to cover future higher education expenses. Investments involve risk and you may incur a profit or a loss.

Mutual Funds, Brokerage Accounts and Annuities *

Speak with a financial professional for details on these services.

Life Insurance

A benefit through which an insurance company pays out when the policyholder dies. Cost and availability varies based on your health, age and other factors. Guaranteed interest rates are based on the claims-paying ability of the underlying insurance company. Applicants are subject to underwriting, which may include medical history and current health.

Long-Term Care Insurance

A variety of services are covered under long-term care, including both medical and non-medical needs for those with a chronic illness or disability who can’t care for themselves for long periods. This insurance can cover the cost of nursing home care, in-home assistance, assisted living or adult day care.

Disability Health Insurance

An insurance policy which pays a portion of your income when a specified disability makes working uncomfortable, painful or impossible.

Medicare Supplements

We do not offer every plan available in your area.  Currently we represent 7 organizations that offer 33 products in our area.  Please contact Medicare.gov,    1-800-MEDICARE or your local state health insurance program to get information on all of your options.